We Find

We Find


We Find is a website where you can discover -only the greatest- companies based in Amsterdam, selected by -the most influenced- living locals. My name is Tijn Hoyng and I created this website because I see so many great companies flooded by the big chain ones. We need to give the greatest companies a stage, not the companies with the biggest budget. Together we find and discover the finest of Amsterdam.


How it works?


If a company will be recommended by the members of the this website, the company will get his own profile page. On this page it’s not about the contact information or some fake reviews, its about the visual experience and the atmosphere around this company.

What kind of companies?

All companies who fit in the ‘Maslow's hierarchy of needs’. From basic needs such as places and spaces to eat, drink and sleep. To personal development such as creative agencies and problem solving companies.

Submit your company!


Are you on a mission to find the greatest companies in Amsterdam? Or do you have a company that really fits the list? Contact or connect me, I'm always looking for new places and spaces. 




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Tijn Hoyng.